The Velocity Grill

Blazing Hot Portable Tailgating Grill!

The Velocity Grill is a versatile little thing that packs.some.heat. 5 minutes after turning it on, it can get up to 1,000 degrees F (I.e. you can cook your steaks exactly like your favorite steakhouse does). If you're looking for an unfair advantage over the other tailgaters in the lot, this is your silver bullet. Oh and one more thing, the grill tray allows you to add apple, hickory, or mesquite wood chips to amp up the flavor of your BBQ even more. 

Additional Clever Design Features: 

  • The Velocity Grill’s heat diffuser plate allows the heat to be pushed out to the very edges of the grill which causes even heat across the entire surface.

  • Includes heavy-duty rubber grip handles and a non-scratch, stay-cool base. This allows this tabletop grill to get blazing hot without damaging tabletop surfaces.

  • This lightweight tabletop grill weighs in at only 17 lbs, which makes it the perfect tailgating grill! It's also great for camping, picnics, concerts, or any activity that requires a world-class, compact grill.

You can nab one of these babies on Amazon for $160. It comes with an extra side of grilling confidence.  

If you grab one of these and like what you experience, send us some pics and your thoughts for a chance to be one of our Featured Fans. (Use #HungryFan).


BlogAnnemarie Wortz