Himalayan Salt Block Plate

You have the grill, we have the cure. 

Salt brings out the flavors in food, so the geniuses that came up with this cooking method allowed us to grill with it. It has hot and cold applications just like our Fangating Bag—it’s just a bit saltier. For example, you can grill an ahi tuna loin on it or slow cure the tuna on it, then use it as a serving platter for both. So smart.

Worth Noting:

  • Set Includes 8" by 12" Salt Plate and Porcelain-Coated Steel Salt Plate Holder

  • Heat and Use as a Cooking Surface or Chill to Keep Food Cool

  • Great for Presentation, Use on Grill or Gas Range, or In Refrigerator

You can nab one of these puppies on Amazon for $38.68.

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