A commonly overlooked but essential habit of every safe kitchen (or tailgate for that matter—the parking lot kitchen) is to sharpen your knives. A dull knife not only makes you work harder but it’s actually dangerous to use, especially if you’ve had a few game day beers. There are seemingly a ton of different ways to sharpen your knives at home, but given that’s we’re game day-minded folks, we prefer options that are both sturdy and portable. So we took it upon ourselves to judge a slew of knife sharpeners based on criteria such as speed, convenience, price and efficiency. The AnySharp Pro Knife Sharpener was our winner.


  • It sharpens any knife with diamond precision.
  • This knife sharpener also sharpens serrated knives (e.g. bread knives and hunting knives).
  • No skill required. Anyone can get great results with this knife sharpener.


  • It does not sharpen as well as a professional sharpening stone. (But then again, you’re not taking that to a tailgate. If you’re more of a homegater, you might want to consider that as well or instead).
  • You cannot use the Anysharp Pro to sharpen one sided blades such as sushi knives.

Grab it on Amazon now for about $22.

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