The Field #8 Cast Iron Skillet

Make America Sear Perfectly Again

It’s the Cadillac of Cast Iron for your tailgating tool collection. The Field #8 is made in the USA. It marries the techniques of the best Griswold & Lodge cookware manufacturers of yester-year and forges with the latest cast iron technology. The Field #8 Cast Iron Skillet is the skillet you've been dreaming of to cook a burger with. It comes pre-seasoned and is safe to put on a gas burner, campfire, backyard grill or incinerator. In a nutshell, it's built to last. 


  • Cook your best burger, stew your best stew, sear your best taco. It’s our favorite kitchen tool to cook with.

  • It gets better with age. The more you cook with it, the more the pan becomes seasoned.


  • To clean you have to hand wash it (never using dish soap).

  • If you do not dry it thoroughly and preseason it with oil each time it will gradually rust.

Grab one $100 on Best Made's website. It will change your life. 


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