Super Bowl Food By The Numbers

Photo by Food Republic

Photo by Food Republic

On Super Bowl Sunday, we were all unofficial competitors in the largest eating contest ever.

If American employers didn’t see an all-time rate of folks calling out sick from work on Monday, February 4th, it’s not because we weren’t trying. (Incidentally, we ran a poll on both Instagram and Twitter asking you, our Hungry Fan community, if you were going in to work or calling out sick on Monday. Over 350 of you responded and on average, 13% of you stayed home. Consider yourselves a portion of America’s 17 million post-Super Bowl stay-at-homers).

How did we earn our “day off” on Monday? Like so many of you, it wasn’t just by watching the longest, most beautiful display of punting expertise. Nor was it just by witnessing the most awkward, striptease/singing and hip grinding of all [half-]time. And it certainly wasn’t just by observing a truly lackluster volley of “witty,” multi-million dollar commercials. Oh no. We earned our day away from work by absolutely stuffing our faces to the limit.

On Sunday evening, there were records broken all around. For the NFL, for instance, Sunday’s game set the record for the lowest scoring Super Bowl ever. For us fans, Sunday marked an historic milestone in American chicken wing consumption. Indeed, we ate the most chicken wings ever. Hell of an accomplishment, us! In total, with all party foods and decorations tallied, we Americans put our money where our collective mouth is and spent an estimated $14.8 billion on Super Bowl festivities. Just how did we do it?

we housed the cheese.


It was once said that the Swiss were really into cheese. Well, if the United States were to compete in an Olympic Games of cheese eating, our performance on Sunday evening alone would surely win us—and not the Swiss—the prized gold medal (#humblebrag). Whether you used cheese as a topping for your nachos or chili dog, or if a nice chunk served as the stunning centerpiece of your antipasto grazing board, collectively, we served up and ate it all. Sup, cheeseheads?

🧀 Cheese Eaten = 88 million pounds
🧀 Amount of Money Spent on Cheese = $4.5 million
🧀 Weird but Related Stat = Together, we consumed enough cheese on Super Bowl Sunday to cover the Mercedes-Benz Stadium field, end zone to end zone, ten yards deep” in cheese. - Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin

We power houred our beer.


It clearly states in the United States Constitution that each and every American—young and enough—must consume at least one domestic beer during the Super Bowl. That’s based on a very loose, elastic interpretation of course. If you’re more of a strict constitutionalist, however, that might be a stretch. Joking aside, what is certainly a fact is that by the numbers, we Americans love our beer on Super Bowl Sunday. We drink a lot of it.

🍺 Beer Consumed = 325.5 million gallons
🍺 Amount of Money Spent on Beer = $1.3 billion*
🍺 Weird but Related Stat = We collectively drank enough beer to fill 492 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

*Just beer. Not wine, liquor, or any other adult spirit. Just beer.

we (snack) grazed like cows.


Not counting the amount of snacks consumed while shopping for our Super Bowl feasts (shame on you, salad bar grazers), we all did some serious snacking damage during the big game. Deep fried chips, roasted nuts and piping hot popcorn outnumbered the viewing audience by 1000x prior to the game. It’s safe to say by game’s end, the snacks were all but gone.

🍿 Snacks Consumed = 14,500 tons of chips, 4 million pounds of pretzels, 3.8 million pounds of popcorn and 2.5 million pounds of nuts, just to name a few.
🍿 Amount of Money Spent on Snacks = $387,872,716
🍿Weird but Related Stat = Collectively, we ate 28 million pounds of potato chips during the Super Bowl. That poundage in Gronks is 105,660. Yes, we mean Rob Gronkowski.

we downed so much pizza, you’d think it was our favorite super bowl dish


It’s close. Definitely close. America, we sure do love our pizza pies. But it’s still not our #1. Maybe because it’s pie? Who knows. Here’s what we do know: On Super Bowl Sunday, fewer things make us happier than some meat-laden, cheesy, yeasty, crispy pizza. (That is…fewer things save for a win for the Rams perhaps? 😉)

🍕 Pizza Eaten = 12.5 millions pizzas
🍕 Amount of Money Spent on Pizza = $130 million
🍕Weird but Related Stat = Lined up side by side, the amount of pizza we ate could cross the Golden State Bridge 1,392 times. And that’s if everyone was ordering medium pizzas…

we ate so many wings, it’s a miracle there are any left for march madness.

IMG_0098 copy.jpg

Once again, holding the top spot in our hearts and on our Super Bowl menus—the venerable Buffalo chicken wing, our game day food champion. Looking at the numbers, it’s really quite amazing how big of an impact one tiny, little bar in upstate New York has had on American game day food culture. The image above is one we shot just a few days ago here in the Hungry Fan test kitchen. Be on the lookout for out smoked and grilled chicken wing recipe coming soon!

🍗 Wings Eaten = 1.38 billion (per the National Chicken Council), which is up by 27 million from 2018
🍗 Amount of Money Spent on Wings = $2.07 billion
🍗Weird but Related Stat = We collectively ate enough wings to entirely fill 9,941 ‘15 Cadillac Escalades. Holy SUV’s Batman!!!