Dagwood Sandwich

Dagwood Sandwich

10001 is this sandwich’s zip code. Yup. It's big enough to have its own zip code. The Dagwood Sandwich gets its name from the sandwich-loving protagonist of the comic strip, Dagwood. What are the odds, eh? Pretty good considering. This sandwich is stacked with roast beef, turkey, ham, sardines, pickles, cheese…so much like all Dagwood sandwiches, which have a little bit of everything. 


  • 3 slices rye bread, lightly toasted

  • Mayonnaise, to taste

  • Dijon mustard, to taste

  • 3 slices American cheese

  • 3 bread and butter pickle chips

  • 2 tinned sardine fillets

  • 3 slices French ham

  • 3 slices deli turkey

  • 3 slices roast beef



  1. Layer the ingredients in the following order, from atop the bottom slice of bread, building upwards:

    1. Bottom bread slice

    2. Mayo and mustard, blended together on the bread

    3. American cheese

    4. Pickle chips

    5. Sardine fillets

    6. Another bread slice

    7. More mayo and mustard

    8. Ham

    9. Turkey

    10. Roast beef

    11. More mayo and mustard

    12. Top slice of bread