Pelican Elite Cooler

A Better Cooler 

Pelican coolers are the offensive line of a great tailgate. Uncelebrated heroes that work extremely hard, constantly take a beating, and are monsters in their own right. Unlike our current favorite team's offensive line, this baby comes with a lifetime guarantee. Steeler's fans will be very happy indeed. And they’re never happy.


  • Their patented “Press & Pull Latches” are super easy lock, super easy to open, and they hold tight under pressure.

  • The built-in bottle opener and molded-in can holders on the lid are direct acts of tailgating gods.


  • You might get harassed by the Yeti clans.

  • It’s not exactly cheap. But it does have a solid guarantee.

On Pelican's site its currently on sale for $225.

If you grab one of these and like what you experience, send us some shots and your thoughts for a chance to be one of our Featured Fans. (Use #HungryFan).