How to Throw a Killer Memorial Day Cookout

It’s finally here! Memorial Day! The unofficial kickoff of summer. The time to fire up the grill, invite over a bunch of friends, pop open some beers, and hang out (while pausing to remember those who gave their lives for our freedom).

Memorial Day Weekend homegating (the Hungry Fan fam will be watching the Eastern Conference Finals for sure) calls for fun and tasty offerings. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

1. Serve fresh fruit on a watermelon grill


A watermelon that resembles a barbecue!

A Memorial Day cookout isn’t complete without sweet summer fruit. And what a way to serve it!

This grill was made with fruit skewers stacked with: canteloupe, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, kiwi, and raspberries. (And don’t forget the blackberries! They make the “charcoal” in the bottom!) And you can find wooden skewers at most grocery stores or online.

Here’s how to construct it:


2. Don’t buy barbecue sauce! Make your own!

It’s super, super easy to make your own BBQ sauce and your friends will be SO impressed.

Here is the Hungry Fan team’s favorite recipe for homemade barbecue sauce.


…But if you’re more of a barbecue rub fan…

We absolutely have you covered! We actually make our own (organic) barbecue blend and it works amazingly well as a rub. All you need is your meat (or vegetarian option) and this blend and you’re set. That’s it. Done. Really. It’s that simple.

PRO TIP: One pouch goes a long way.

3. Entertaining? Serve beer like this!


The Beer Wheelbarrow

It’s a DIY-kind-of-trick and we love it. Grab that wheelbarrow gathering rust in the garage, fill it with ice and plenty of beer and you’ve got yourself a cool take on the beer bucket! Plus, you didn’t have to go out and buy a new bucket. It’s as the old saying goes, “Waste not. Want not.”

4. If it’s forecasted to be toasty out there this weekend, Serve wine ice!


Wine Ice Cubes for (Hot) Days

That’s right, wine ice cubes. You can use red, white, or even rosé. To make these, simply freeze your wine in our favorite ice cube molds and serve with sparkling water, soda, etc! They’re also great for sangria.

PRO TIP: Wine expands when it freezes so make sure not to fill the the ice cube tray all the way to the top with wine. Leave a little room in each ice cube hole for expansion.

5. Be sure to properly prep your grill.


Onion Grill Hack

This grilling hack is super useful and even more simple.

What to Do: Cut an onion in half and rub the onion all over your heated grill, cut side down.

This will make the grill non-stick! Then you’ll be all set to grill and feed your own hungry fans!

7. Get only the best barbecue meat…for FREE!


Get $59 worth of quality meat…for FREE

We teamed up with the folks at ButcherBox to bring you the perfect opportunity to try some of the best meat you’ve ever had (or so we think at least). ButcherBox is giving away a FREE Ultimate BBQ Bundle to new customers. All you need to do is order your first ButcherBox and you will get baby back ribs, 2 lbs of ground beef, and 2x10oz NY strip steaks for FREE (a $59 value).

6. If you’re going to be outside this weekend, remember your sunscreen!


Slather on the Sunscreen

We can’t quite say it enough. If you’re going to be out in the backyard grilling, that’s awesome. But do remember to protect yourself from the suns’ summer rays.

We aren’t paid to tell you this, but we love the Alba brand—specially this green tea sunscreen they make. It goes on not too greasy and very evenly. But most importantly, it doesn’t contain toxic and/or harmful chemicals such as parabens, oxybenzone or octinoxate. (Your sunscreen should do more good than harm).

7. Don’t forget dessert!

That’s a serious party foul. Salty, yummy grilled goodness with nothing sweet to top it off? Psssh. No.


Old Glory Pie

Here’s a super easy and fun American-themed dessert: We call it Old Glory Pie! It’s a fruit and mascarpone tart and it’s delicious. All it is is a graham cracker crust (you can make on your own or buy store-bought—and the normal round shape works too). Top with mascarpone cheese (add sugar as desired) and strawberries and blueberries. Super simple!


Here’s wishing everyone a safe and fun holiday weekend!