Did that salt look a whole heck of a lot like sugar? Yeah, we know. we’ve all done it.

Here’s how to solve some of the most frequent “oops” moments in the kitchen.

We got together with our friends at Shari’s Berries and realized that so many of us–expert of not–sometimes screw up in the kitchen. Accidentally measured out too much cayenne, used too much sugar, didn’t mean to dump the vinegar in there like that… Yup. So we teamed up to help you solve those “uh-oh” moments. Just remember, you’re the only one who will ever know you screwed up in the kitchen after these great fixes…


Baking is literally chemistry. Remember that class in high school? The one that wasn’t easy? That’s because chemicals, electrons, combinations of these long worded things are tricky. That’s not to say that baking is as tough as high school chemistry. But it is extremely precise because to do it right requires chemical reactions to take place. Baking is a science and incorrect amounts or ingredients can lead to…well…not what you were hoping for in the very least. Here’s some common baking mistakes and quick fixes to help you.


Think you screwed the pooch on that dish? We’re betting with some of these tips, that dish may just be salvageable after all…

For more help from our friends at Shari’s Berries, head here.

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