Grilling Grate Oiler Brush

Clean and season, all in one fell swoop.

Frankly speaking, we all get a bit lazy when it comes to cleaning the grill after a long homegating or tailgating session. Early mornings, lots of food, sometimes too much to drink, and exciting games screaming at the top of our lungs lead to… being really really tired. That’s why we started to use the Grilling Grate Oiler Brush. It not only cleans the grill in a jiffy, but it seasons your grates with oil, so your food doesn’t stick. Time to ditch the oily rag ‘cause this puppy has it all inside. The Grilling Grate Oiler Brush allows the seamless application of oil to your grill grates for perfect grill lines. And most importantly, with this tool, food won’t be sticking to your grill grates anytime soon.


  • No matter what kind of grill you are working with, the Grilling Grate Oiler Brush works.

  • The oil reservoir stores enough to last for months of happy clean grilling.


  • Don’t fit on the side grill hood as cleanly as your old, tired grill brush that probably came with the grill.

  • It saves you time, but if you already have the routine down there is no reason to switch.

This tool is available on Amazon for $12.75.

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