Big Deal by Great Jones

Getting a BIG DEAL doesn’t have to cost more.

We’re at the point in our lives where a step up from Ikea sounds like a good idea. When it comes to enameled cookware, the jump can be pretty costly though—these puppies go for $400 or more. That’s a bit pricey for boiling pasta, right? (Yes, we know there is a lot of other great things you can make in these). But this is what makes the year 2018 so great—in today’s age, great new startups are disrupting even the oldest of industries. The hottest cookware rookie on the field to date is called “The Big Deal” by Great Jones. Standing 7.5 inches tall (with the lid), and 10.5 inches wide, this fully clad pot is a force to be reckoned with. Much like Warby Parker, Great Jones is a young, up-and-coming company (with great producst) that has head-faked the middleman to provide super high-quality products at really great (not scary) prices. Check out their full line here.


  • Great looking and sturdy as hell. Think of a combo between Tom Brady and Cal Ripken Jr.

  • Almost all of their items come in at less than a hundred bucks.


  • Not as cheap as the pots you already have purchased sitting in your kitchen.

  • They are a little fancy looking, but that’s okay if you sport it confidently.

Visit to their website to shop. 


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