Let’s face it, we’re all in this coronavirus situation together and we simply don’t know how long this quarantine craziness is going to last. Even if you want to stock up on goods for your family, grocery stores are forced to limit sales in many states.

It’s time to plan ahead, prep your house, and make sure your family has quality meals over the next few months. So we though rather than risk another supermarket run, why not get meat delivered right to your door?

Below we’re sharing a round-up of our favorite meat delivery services, what they specialize in, and why we love them!



Favorites include premium beef, chicken breast, and thick-cut bacon, but you can also grill pasture-raised lamb, beef jerky, and wagyu tenderloin! Get to know your farmer and eat better meat!

Plus, save 5% by ordering now!



Find your beef. Find your pork. Find your chicken. Find your seafood. Whatever makes you want to fire up the grill, FarmFoods delivers. Better still, there’s no reason to go out and fight over the last few bits of beef at your local market.


Steakhouse quality meats delivered to your door. (Yes)! These legendary boxes of meat (curated or customizable) are five star, meaning they’re restaurant quality, but shipped to you. Stay home. Stay safe. And, fire up the grill!


Arguably the most popular meat delivery service on our list, Butcher Box is known for its convenient, high-quality meats. And since we’re unsure how long this quarantine will last, consider joining their waitlist. (The customizable box includes 20 percent more meat)!


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